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We publish rural Nova Scotia

Welcome to Moose House. We publish fiction, non-fiction, and other materials about, written in, or connected to rural Nova Scotia. Learn more about us!

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Big books about small places
William Forsyth: land of hopes and dreams
Just Add Actors
Front cover of Pursuing Clara
The Secret of the Spring cover
Two Ferries Out
Lost and Found
The Church of Little Bo Peep
A Rebel for her Time frontcover1600
Loving Number Seven cover
Picton Castle front cover
Borderline Hardy in 5b
cover of "Where's Home?"
Riptides front cover
cover of "Paradise on the Morrow"
Poor Farm
Fish and Dicks front cover
cover of "Seven Shifts"
Cover of Moose House Stories volume 1
Cover of "Tales from the End of the Old Military Road"
Cover of "A Dash of Currie"
Cover of "Two Crows Sorrow"
Inquire Within
What Have You Done for Me Lately?
Working the Blue Lines: lessons in leadership from hockey and policing
February: Curious
Paradise d'Entremont Private Investigator
Black Around the Eyes
About Face
Moose House Stories Vol. 1
Blink and You'll Miss It
March: Enigma
The Red Shift
A Ring of Justice
While looking out at the Bay
Ghost Breezes
Ice Dreams: the 1972 Summit Series, 50 years on
Six Crows Gold
Less Than Innocent
Nodding's People
The Affair at Lime Hill
April: Sweetland
We Have a Child for You
Tight Lines
Skidmark Calligraphy
The Premier's Daughter
Beyond the Passage: Memories, real and imagined
In Search Dr Dee
Around the Corner with Paradise
Dan Johnson's Ashes
#travelsend: poems @ travel's end
May: Façades
A Wilderness of Water
Seven Crows a Secret Yet To Be Told
Back in the Old Days: The Art of Harold Cromwell
The Light of Day
The Joy of Looking
The Wish Doctor
Holy Grail, Sacred Gold
Enslavers of the Maritimes
Two Sams
June: Trespasses
Eight Crows for a Wish
Unspeakable Evil
Learning to Slow Dance with Footprints of Kindness
500 Sentences
The Harbour View Story
The Harboour View Story Continues

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