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Books coming soon

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As each book becomes available for pre-order, we move it over to the catalog.

Check back regularly, as we add titles and covers as soon as they are available..

Garrison Graveyard: grave markers and inscriptions - the revised edition of Denise J. Rice's essential guide to the military cemetery at Annapolis Royal.

July: Confidence - the seventh Tim Brown Mystery from Jan Fancy Hull will be with us in 2024.

Moose Country: the tale of a blockade - Nina Newington's Seussian retelling of how an intrepid band tried to block the clear-cutting of forest essential to moose and other species. Illustrated by Rebekah Wetmore.

The Plot against the Premier - the third Marc LeBlanc Mystery brings in characters from Akerman's The Premier's Daughter.

Footprints in the Snow - Laura Churchill Duke presents the story of the 1897 murder of a young Bear River girl, Annie Kempton.

Best Served Cold - the fourth Marc LeBlanc Mystery.

Five Crows Silver - The revised edition of book five in Vernon Oickle's "Crows" series.

Tough All Over - Book Two in Rhoda C. Hill's Love Shack series.

The Farmer, the Squire, the Doctor and the Deacon - D. S. M. Rogers tells a story set among the "Betsey" people, the first European settlers in the Pictou region, in the 18th century.

Take the Long Way Home - Gen X-er Larry Peach's memoir of a meandering journey to find himself at anchor on the Clare Acadian Shore.

Birchtown: the lost settlement - Micha Cromwell and Brenda Thompson explore the history of the African-Nova Scotian settlement of Birchtown.

The Rising Villages - Brenda J. Thompson's history of Perotte Settlement and Lake LaRose.

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