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Angela J. Reynolds

Angela J Reynolds is a librarian working in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley. She and her husband live in the woods with a persnickety cat, a dancing duck, and a couple of recalcitrant hens. Angela has been in love with reading since the day she learned to decode “Green Eggs and Ham”; she has been a children’s book reviewer, student of folktales, and served on the 2015 Caldecott Committee.

   Angela has written several articles for  library journals, including “The Better to See You With”, published in Children and Libraries:

   When she is not reading or writing, Angela is likely to be sewing, painting on cardboard, or gluing things together and covering them with glitter. You might also see her walking the beach, searching for mermaid’s tears. 

   You can follow her on Twitter @AngelaJWrites

   Moose House is proud to be publishing Angela's first novel, Threshold, in 2022.

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