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Debra Whittall


Debbie Whittall lived for a time in Pleasantville, Nova Scotia with her husband, Doug, and their cat, Rikki. When not volunteering for the Ladies’ Auxiliary of the local firehall, Debbie spent her time reading, writing, or revising short stories. She belongs to several writers’ groups, including the South Shore Scribes, who meet regularly at the South Shore Libraries’ Bridgewater location.

   Debbie regularly posts the resulting short stories to her blog, Words by Whittall.

   The group has self-published One Word, a collection of short stories, to raise funds for the South Shore Libraries’ Mobile Library, more commonly known as the bookmobile.

   Now retired, Debbie is a former broadcast journalist, once known as Debra Hearst, at CFRB in Toronto and radio stations in London, Ontario and Moosejaw, Saskatchewan. She also enjoyed a decade as a civil servant, writing speeches for various Ontario cabinet ministers.

   Debbie, who now lives in Ontario, is currently working on a second novel. "The Fall", in Moose House Stories Volume 1, is her first published story.

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