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Ernest J. Dick

Ern Dick is an archivist, oral historian, lecturer, and student of the sound and moving image of Atlantic Canada—and now is becoming an historical detective. He was originally from a fruit and vegetable farm in south-western Ontario, worked for the Public Archives of Canada and as Corporate Archivist of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Ottawa, and has been living in Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia for the past 25 years.

   Ern has worked with museums, broadcasting, heritage societies large and small, friends and neighbours to animate the past—always following the stories the past has to tell.

Ern Dick books

  • Remembering Singalong Jubilee: The story of the CBC show that launched East Coast music

  • Voices from a Forgotten Tragedy: Trans-Canada Air Lines Flight 831

  • Silver Hair and Golden Voice: Austin Willis from Halifax to Hollywood

  • Pursuing Clara, a Moose House book about searching out the truth of the mysterious life of a Granville Ferry girl

  • Being the Song: Vic Mullen from Clare to Nashville to Preeceville, Saskatchewan (due in 2021)

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