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A wild ride starting

Moose House has a huge number of fascinating books coming in 2022: fiction, collections of plays, poetry, memoirs, and non-fiction from leadership to counselling to discoveries in the world around us. It's an ambitious program, and we're working hard to make these fascinating books available to you.

We wanted to call out one book in particular right now, because we have never done anything like it.

Less Than Innocent takes place during the COVID pandemic, in the late summer and fall of 2020. Beyond that, we know very little so far. Here's why:

More than 20 Moose House authors are each going to write one chapter of Less Than Innocent. Once Author One has written chapter 1, Author Two reads it and writes the next chapter, picking up the story threads that Author One has provided and perhaps adding others. Then it is Author Three's turn.

We hope to have Less Than Innocent complete sometime this summer, and in bookstores around Labour Day. We'll share regular updates here as the project moves along.

This is not the world's first collaborative novel. In the 1930s, Dorothy L. Sayers, Agatha Christie, and several other British mystery writers combined to create The Floating Admiral. In the 1960s, a group of journalists in the United States jointly wrote the sex spoof, Naked Came the Stranger, which was a best-seller and even became a movie.

Watch this space for more news about Less Than Innocent and the rest of Moose House's offerings for 2022.


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