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An evening at the poor farm

Moose House Publications spent a lovely almost-summer evening June 17 at The Old Triangle Irish Pub in Halifax to help launch Ronan O'Driscoll's book Poor Farm.

Poor Farm is set at the Cole Harbour Poor Farm 100 years ago, and in the present day. O'Driscoll found the poor farm cemetery on a walk one day, and began to wonder how his autistic son, Martin, would have been treated in a poor farm when the 'harmless insane' were sent there a century ago.

A COVID-limited crowd of forty people attended the launch in an an old brick building in downtown Halifax that would have existed at the time when Stewart, the autistic boy in the story, would have been at the Cole Harbour Poor Farm.

Poor Farm is available through Coles, Chapters and independent booksellers, and, of course, at the Moose House online store.


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