New books advancing!

When you visit our catalogue, you will see that many of our latest books are flying an orange banner:

This means that they're available to order now, although we have not gotten to their official release date yet or had a book launch event to celebrate them.

You can make an 'advance order' the same way you order any of our books: visit the catalogue and add the book you want to your shopping cart.

When we get your order, we will write to you directly to let you know when your books are likely to arrive. Things are moving much more smoothly than they did in the depths of the COVID-19 lockdown, but there still can be delays in the production and shipping processes.

As we are adding books to the catalogue, we are also adding news about future books to the Coming Soon page. Check this page regularly for exciting news about fiction, non-fiction and play collections that will become available later this year and in 2022.


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