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Eight Crows for a Wish

Eight Crows for a Wish

Who is this man washed up on the shore? Why are there murders of crows flocking through Liverpool again? Vernon Oickle draws us into another dark adventure in his Crows series.

  • review comments

    Another thrilling mix of real and surreal. Mysteries, secrets, and surprises abound in this epic tale—the eighth in the series—set in the old fishing port of Liverpool, Nova Scotia. The interactions of several families, their multigenerational allegiances and conflicts, layer Eight Crows for a Wish with depth that can be enjoyed by newcomers to the series and long-time fans alike.
    -- Chris Benjamin, author of
    Boy With A Problem and Drive-by Saviours

    A stranger is found sprawled on rocks at the ocean’s edge. He’s utterly lost—but senses that the crows can lead him home. I only wish I'd started Oickle's mysterious series sooner.
    Jon Tattrie, editor of Atlantic Books Today and
    author of Peace by Chocolate

    An intricate tale set in a small coastal town where the natural world collides head on with mysteries of the supernatural. The setting amplifies tension and betrayal between siblings. But will the threat of mutual danger force them to overcome their bitterness? Oickle spins this story of hope in the face of evil in a way that leaves you wondering how much is reality and how much is fiction, and he does it remarkably well.
    -- Rob North, retired CBC journalist and
    lifelong storyteller  

    A bold leap into the town of Liverpool’s future and the mysterious role the crows continue to play. The magic, the mystery, the I-feel-like-I-know-them characters, and the shocking conclusion make this a must read for Oickle fans, new and old.
    -- Marci Lin Melvin, author of
    Fortress, Thin Glass Houses and Wildflowers

  • book details

    6x9 paperback, 270 pages

    ISBN 9781998149377

    An ebook edition is available through on major ebook platforms.

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