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Ice Dreams: the 1972 Summit Series, 50 years on

Ice Dreams: the 1972 Summit Series, 50 years on

In 1972, when a team of Canadian hockey players faced off against a team from the Soviet Union, everyone assumed Team Canada would win easily. It didn't turn out that way, as the Soviet players were tough, disciplined, and relentless. The Canadians had to dig deep to keep the eight-game series close. The whole nation was watching as it came down to a desperate shot in the last few seconds of the eighth and final game.

But there were stories before that story. Many Team Canada members had to overcome great challenges--ill health, poverty, isolation--to make their dream of becoming among the greatest hockey players ever come true.


In a television interview, Jim Prime talks about the book.

  • Book details

    6.5 x 6.5 inch paperback

    126 pages

    ISBN 978-1-990187-51-3

  • Review in the Saltwire papers in Nova Scotia

    In the books column November 29, 2022

    Ice Dreams tells the story of the 1972 Canada-Soviet Hockey Series (Summit Series) and is aimed at younger readers who weren’t alive to witness what is now considered to be one the greatest moments in Canadian sports history. The eight-game series was tied heading into the final game in Moscow. Paul Henderson scored in the final seconds to give Canada the victory.

    Author Jim Prime interviewed Henderson, and fellow Canadian players Ron Ellis, Bobby Clarke and Serge Savard and outlines the challenges that each overcame to make it to the Summit Series.

    In the book’s foreword, Ellis writes about the struggles he faced as a young player.

    “I had an obstacle, a physical limitation that left me with 70 per cent forward flexibility in my left ankle,” writes Ellis.

    “Life is difficult but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have dreams about becoming an athlete, a teacher, a doctor or a computer programmer. Everyone who has a dream of a worthy goal will face obstacles such as bullying, poverty, prejudice and worry. If you find yourself in this situation, surround yourself with good people who believe in you and want to support you on your personal journey. Now is the time to start the hard work and be prepared to fight through adversity with a never give up attitude.”

    Prime believes his book’s positive message is an antidote to the Hockey Canada scandal that has cast a dark shadow on the sport.

    “The battles that this team fought and the lessons they learned along the way will help to elevate youth hockey to the place it deserves,” Prime said.

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