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Less Than Innocent

Less Than Innocent

On a day in September, 2020, during the COVID-19 lockdown in Nova Scotia, a young man named Rob gets ready for a run along a rail trail. His shoelace snaps, and with that all his plans change.
   Less Than Innocent is an adventure on several levels. Who are all these people interested in getting hold of Rob, and how will he evade them? What is going on with the second post-office box? What is brewing among some students and a faculty advisor at Acadia University?
   At a higher lever, the book is an adventure in writing. Twenty authors each wrote a chapter and handed the book on to the next writer in line. Using the 'yes, and' principle of improvisation, each writer had to take what was in the existing chapters and create the next steps in the evolving story. There was no story outline: the writing itself determined where the story would go.
   Come along for the ride!

“In this fast-paced suspense novel of intersecting plots, characters, deceptions, and betrayals, surprising revelations keep pace with the rising body count until the pieces of the puzzle align and only the deepest loyalties prevail.”
-- Tony Thomson, author of About Face

  • Book details

    6x9 paperback, 246 pages

    ISBN 978-1-990187-65-0

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