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Nodding's People

Nodding's People

It all starts with an accident on an icy road in northern Nova Scotia. Then things get sort of strange. At turns comic, romantic, and wild, Nodding's People takes you into a complexity of fascinating and quirky people.

  • Excerpts from reviews

    Check out Nodding's People, a charming first novel by Nova Scotia writer Jim Weeks that mixes gentle humor with elements of suspense and a touch of romance. Protagonist Dave Nodding meets plenty of eccentric characters along the way, from the lyrical insurance adjuster to the invisible auto repair accountant, and the very nosy neighbour convinced there are terrorists around every corner. But who's to say she's wrong? -- Author and critic Andrew Smith

    Fun tale, well told! -- Jan Fancy Hull, author of the Tim Brown Mysteries

    An ingenious take on the age-old Morality tale and a testament to Jim Weeks' skill with parody, Nodding's People serves up a saucy menu with just the right balance of spice and heartwarming comfort. Despite the odd icy patch, the fellow pilgrims on the highway of life step up to overcome external danger or internal self doubt. A delightful read. -- Jill Martin Bouteillier, author of Sable Island in Black and White

  • Book details

    6x9 paperback, 238 pages

    ISBN 978-1-990187-71-1

  • Review in "The Masthead"

    Nodding’s People opens with an accident on an icy stretch of Nova Scotia highway. As the novel’s protagonist, David Nodding navigates the insurance claim and car repairs, he thinks the accident was simply a nuisance. But it will turn out to be a catalyst that inspires Nodding, an amiable but initially passive and solitary character, to transform his life.

    Author James O. Weeks skilfully weaves a series of interconnected adventures and an engaging cast of zany characters through the story. We meet, among others, a kindly truck driver who has found religion, a bored widow obsessed with terrorists, and a repair-shop staff person whose office is the bathroom. While these characters are often deliciously funny, to Weeks’ credit, they aren’t cardboard cut-outs placed there just for laughs. Weeks illustrates the humanity of Nodding’s circle of acquaintances with affection and respect.

    Though this is Weeks’ first novel, he has been writing and teaching creative writing for decades, and it shows. Well-written, beautifully plotted, and full of charm, Nodding’s People is hard to put down. Weeks says some of his former students want another novel with David Nodding and his people, and it’s not hard to see why.

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