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Shakescenes: Short plays for Shakespeare lovers

Shakescenes: Short plays for Shakespeare lovers

Four short plays that can stand alone or, together, make up an evening of theatre. No special Shakespeare knowledge required!


  • Twenty-Minute Tragedy - Your best way to get the best out of Timon of Athens, when minor cast members take this gloomy play in a new direction.
  • Sprite Fight - There’s trouble behind the scenes of an outdoor production of Midsummer Night’s Dream. The director’s great plan, to sell lots of tickets by adding lots of sprites to the cast so their parents will come to see them, runs on to the rocks. It’s harder to wrangle sprites than one might think.
  • A Shakespearean Fragment - A fixer in need of funds matches a collector with too much Shakespeare and a buyer who wants something absolutely, positively from Shakespeare’s own hand. How can the deal possibly go wrong?
  • Loosely Titus - Titus Andronicus as a game show offers “33 onstage deaths, three hands cut off, and a really interesting cooking lesson.”
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    6x9 paperback, 166 pages. ISBN 978-1-990187-24-7

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