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The Premier's Daughter

The Premier's Daughter

Tom Aldridge, a rising politician in Nova Scotia, is used to juggling many tasks and bringing order out of chaos. He is as adept at steering government policy as he is at directing plays. But an unexpected opportunity comes into his life--and then a series of challenges. How much can he juggle?

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    ISBN 978-1-990187-76-6

    6x9 inch paperback, 256 pages

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    The Premier's Daughter is a joyful romp through the streets of Halifax, Nova Scotia, the little historic gem of a Legislature in the heart of this historic city, and the lives of many of its colourful characters. While Akerman's latest novel is a work of fiction, as a former Member of Nova Scotia's House of Assembly myself, I can say with complete sincerity that the modern day setting, including political intrigue involving ego-driven, funny, and/or desperate characters, is not that far off from the schemes and dreams of the elected occupants who have traversed the halls of Province House throughout the years-and still do. One could almost imagine Mr Akerman has experienced it himself. (Oh, wait a minute - he has!).

    One doesn't have to know much (or anything) about politics, however, to enjoy The Premier's Daughter. If you've ever been in love, in lust, or are simply curious about what life might be like within the halls of power when the Leg TV cameras are turned off, then pick up a copy of this book. It's a great read!

    Lenore Zann, actor; former MLA and MP

    Akerman is at his best in this novel of romance and politics. Lots of great stuff on many subjects with an excellent plot that is bound to keep you reading, especially with several twists. Akerman's knowledge of politics, wine, food, government and Nova Scotia history are on full display as he combines them with romance. Fun and information in an enjoyable read.

    Vincent J. MacLean, former Leader of the Opposition,

    Nova Scotia House of Assembly

    Although this is a work of fiction, it gives the reader a great sense of what it is like to be at the centre of power in a small province. The author makes the characters, settings and plot very relatable and realistic. I thoroughly enjoyed this riveting journey through political life in a provincial capital.

    Jamie Baillie, former Leader of the Opposition, Nova Scotia House of Assembly

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