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The Wish Doctor

The Wish Doctor

For five hundred years, the Wish Doctor has battled the evil forces that make wishes turn out wrong. Suddenly the number of wishes going wrong is increasing dramatically and he is too worn out to fix them all. He makes a wish that someone will replace him and opens the School of Wish in the little town of Baddeck. But will that final wish turn out wrong as well?

  • book details

    6x9 inch paperback, 322 pages

    ISBN 9781998149230

  • Reviews

    If imagination ran wild and whisked you away to some mystical, magical realm, you would have Mark Shupe’s debut novel. Full of whimsy and fancy, The Wish Doctor, with its imaginative descriptions, captivating characters, and colourful locations, grabs readers’ attention from the first chapter. An intricately-woven story that is sure to appeal to readers, young and old. Move over, Harry Potter: The Wish Doctor is here.
    Vernon Oickle, author of 34 books, including the ‘Crow’ series

    "Hoy, hoy!” An action-packed adventure set in beautiful Baddeck at the School of Wish. Alma, Syd, and a host of magical characters bring this fantastical story to life—where wishes of every kind can come true, but with a cost if you're not careful. Shupe skilfully sprinkles humour, history, science and geography, along with the age-old adage: be careful what you wish for.
    Trena Christie-MacEachern. author of The Light of Day

    The young students at the Wish Doctor’s school seem predictable at first, but the magic of wishes soon turns their first year into one of ghosts, magical bears, and testing “whishkey.” Shupe has crafted an adventure tale suitable for adult readers, who can appreciate his use of language, but also for young adults, who will follow the romantic yearnings of the students. Be prepared for humour, surprises, and the power of wishes.
    James O. Weeks, author of Nodding’s People

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