Two Crows Sorrow

Two Crows Sorrow

Quiet little Burlington, high on Nova Scotia’s North Mountain. In 1904, it was home to hard-working people, passionate lovers,  tangled family relations, and a murderer.


Journalist Wendy Elliott writes, "Theresa McAuley Robinson’s memory was almost obliterated. Theresa represents many innocent women. Churchill Duke tells an exciting story that allows someone who might be termed an exemplary farmwife and mother to represent so many women then and now.”


Wendy Robicheau, Archivist at Acadia University, adds, “The details spoke to my imagination, I needed to visit the sites—to be in the spaces and fill my senses. I love it when words on a page come alive, compelling me to acknowledge our ancestors.”


Miramichi Reader has named Two Crows Sorrow as one of the best books of historical fiction of the year.


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