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Wayne Currie


Wayne Currie is a retired naval officer living in Granville Beach, Nova Scotia with his wife, Karen Tomasino. He stumbled upon writing, acting and directing while seeking out adventures after retiring. His first time acting on stage convinced him that he must do it again, and indeed has been acting in plays every year since that first event.
   His first time directing a play whetted his appetite for more of that activity, and he has directed at least one play per year as a result. His first time writing a play provided much joy and an outlet for fun, drama and commentary and led to the writing of the 16 plays in this book.
   Wayne continues to act, direct and write ten minute plays for his enjoyment, and the enjoyment of others. His plays have been performed on the stage at King’s Theatre in Annapolis Royal for the King's Shorts Festival of Ten Minute Plays, where they have been recognized by Theatre Nova Scotia with a First Place and a Second Place for writing. They have been performed at a local rehab centre where the clients use acting as a form of therapy. And they have been staged at Instant Theatre, a monthly social gathering where fans of short plays get together to socialize and to perform plays for everyone’s enjoyment.
   Wayne has served on the Board of Directors of Theatre Nova Scotia and on the Board of King’s Theatre (including a term as Chairman), and is presently the President of the Annapolis District Drama Group.

Wayne's first book is a selection of his ten-minute plays, A Dash of Currie..

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