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​The Enslavers of Nova Scotia 1713-1784 - Brenda J. Thompson's latest exploration into a darker part of Nova Scotia's history.


The Best of the Kings Shorts - The full scripts of more than twenty prize-winning scripts from the King's Shorts Festival of One-Act Plays, to celebrate more than two decades of short, punchy theatre.

The Wish Doctor - a fantastical adventure from Mark Shupe.

Six Crows Gold - Book Six in Vernon Oickle's acclaimed series, which we welcome to Moose House!

April: Sweetlands - the fourth Tim Brown mystery by Jan Fancy Hull takes our intrepid delver far afield.

Tough All Over - Book Two in Rhoda C. Hill's romance series, The Love Shack.

The Farmer, the Squire, the Doctor and the Deacon - D. S. M. Rogers tells a story set among the "Betsey" people, the first European settlers in the Pictou region, in the 18th century.

Take the Long Way Home - Gen X-er Larry Peach's memoir of a meandering journey to find himself at anchor on the Clare Acadian Shore.

Birchtown: the lost settlement - Micha Cromwell and Brenda Thompson explore the history of the African-Nova Scotian settlement of Birchtown.

​Beyond the Passage: short stories from Long Island, NS, short stories from Fish and Dicks co-author Jim Prime.

The Rising Villages - Brenda J. Thompson's history of Perotte Settlement and Lake LaRose.

Our first large-print edition will be of Laura Churchill Duke's Two Crows Sorrow.

Our first audio book will be Angel Flanagan's Lost and Found.