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Inspired by the sonic anarchy of The Clash and The Sex Pistols, teenager Billy Stamp flees a chaotic family life in Halifax to drum his way to superstardom in punk-era London. But Billy is woefully unprepared for a city populated with tattooed skinheads and violent thugs, rock wannabes and, worst of all, universal indifference to his talent.

   As Billy stumbles through the music scene, playing punk clubs and dank pubs, his search for the perfect groove forces him to choose sides in the battle between art and commerce.

   Part ghost story, part fictionalized memoir, Noisemaker is a love letter to when thrashing guitars, pounding drums, and the three minute pop song ruled the world.


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  • Book details

    5 x 8 inch paperback, 270 pages

    ISBN: 978-1-7772937-6-5

    Due to release September, 2022

  • Reviews

    "Andy Tolson has written a remarkable novel about a remarkable time.
    London's punk scene at the end of the '70s was a maelstrom of music, rebellion, sex and drugs. The perfect place and time for a young Canadian drummer to come of age. By turns hilarious and moving, Noisemaker skillfully weaves a tale as tumultuous and triumphant as the era. Brilliant." - Terry Fallis, two-time winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour

    "Noisemaker, with its warmth and wit and affectionate evocation of another time and culture, [proves] to be the novel [Tolson] was born to write."
    -The National Post

    "First-time novelist Tolson has produced a tight jolt of a story about youthful angst,family estrangement and finding one's groove. While Billy struggles to find his rhythm, the author is locked into his own.
    -The Globe and Mail

    “Tolson tells a tale of mostly drama with a bit of comedy, delivered with a driving bass heartbeat, and loud cymbal crashes of tension.”
    -The Miramichi Reader

    "Buckle up! You are in for a fast, loud and thoroughly entertaining ride through the punk rock scene of 70s London, England with a young Canadian who has lots to learn.”
    -Atlantic Book Reviews

    “Tolson's profound talent for believable dialogue and vivid descriptions ensures a rollicking read from beginning to end. Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll are all delightfully present and correct, but also are an abundance of laugh-out-loud moments, moments of genuine poignancy and dramatic tension. An essential read.”
    -The Maritime Edit

    "Punk rock, piss-stench pubs and post-adolescent turmoil collide inside 1979 London. Tolson captures the turmoil, the excitement and the uncertainty of a turning point in both musical history and one boy's life."
    -Michael Barclay, bestselling author of The Never-Ending Present: The Story of Gord Downie and the Tragically Hip

    "I loved following another kid from Atlantic Canada chase his he bobs and weaves his way through the London punk scene. This book is great when he dodges a few smacks, and even greater when he doesn't."
    -Alan Doyle, musician, actor, author

    "Catcher in the Rye meets the Sex Pistols in Noisemaker, a funny and frenetic coming-of-age story that will leave you wanting more."
    -Laura Churchill Duke, author of Two Crows Sorrow and Rooted in Deception

    Andy Tolson has pulled off a truly remarkable feat. He has endearingly captured a unique moment in time (the punk rock years of the late 1970s) and place (London, England) within the context of the folly, passion and ambition of youth. An Atlantic Canadian's viewpoint of this halcyon era ensures a narrative and insight unlike any you have previously devoured. And devour this I did."
    -James Mullinger, journalist, filmmaker and comedian

    "Bouncy and delightful, Noisemaker is a joyride that sounds the clarion of humour, light and pathos that lives knee-deep in all good rock and roll books."
    -Dave Bidini, author of Midnight Light and On a Cold Road

    “Fall into late 70s London with Noisemaker. When a young drummer takes his shot at the big time, he’s confronted with a series of gigs in dive bars, van tours through the north of England, and finally a chance to sell his soul. This is a wild ride, and a great read for any fan of music.”
    -Glenn Dixon, author of Bootleg Stardust

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