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Jan Fancy Hull

Jan Fancy Hull lives and writes in a log chalet beside a quiet lake in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. Prior to arriving at this idyllic position, she served in various careers, enterprises, pursuits, and avocations, including, but not limited to, arts administrator, radio broadcaster, sailing tours skipper, and employee benefits broker.


In the warm months, Jan creates sculptures from Nova Scotia sandstone, which she exhibits in various galleries and shows. She is a member of the Lunenburg Art Society. She also enjoys golfing and drifting around the lake in a tiny rowboat, but doesn’t do enough of either. There are so many things to do.

Moose House publishes a whole shelf of Jan's books:

  • The Tim Brown Mysteries:

    • January: Code - Tim Brown, a newspaperman on Nova Scotia's South Shore, begins a year's sabbatical that, he hopes, will let him delve delve into mysteries high and low. His first client is a powerful politician with a puzzle.

    • February: Curious -  Tim Brown steps up his delving game, looking into mysteries both high and low. Why is his aunt, the powerful politician, looking drawn and withdrawn? What happened on the walking trail and who was the disappearing man? How can Tim help a young reporter up his game?

    • March: Enigma - Tim's sabbatical year continues to offer new challenges. Something unexpectedly triggers a long-buried emotional memory, raising difficult questions. His growing skill at delving leads him to question truths and accept falsehoods, and to consider when a loss can be a gain.

    • April: Sweetland - Adventure four is due in the spring of 2023.

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