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Vernon Oickle

Vernon Oickle was born and raised in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. He attended Lethbridge Community College. Upon his graduation in 1982 with an honours diploma in Journalism, he returned to Liverpool and began his career at the local newspaper, The Advance.

   An award-winning journalist and editor, Vernon is the author of 31 books, many of which collect and preserve the heritage and culture of Atlantic Canada. In 2012 Vernon received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, recognizing his contributions to his community, province and country, and in 2015 he received a Distinguished Alumni Award (Community Leader) from Lethbridge College.

   One of Vernon's stories appears in Moose House Stories Volume 1, and we are delighted to be publishing Six Crows Gold, the next instalment in his acclaimed mystery series, in 2022.


Books by Vernon Oickle

  • South Shore Facts and Folklore

  • .Ghost Stories of Nova Scotia

  • More Ghost Stories of Nova Scotia

  • We Love Nova Scotia: a people's portrait

  • Canada's Haunted Coast: true ghost stories of the Maritimes

  • I'm Movin' On: the life and legacy of Hank Snow

  • Nova Scotia Outstanding Outhouse Reader

  • One Crow Sorrow

  • The Bluenosers' Book of Slang: how to talk Nova Scotian

  • Strange Nova Scotia

  • The Second Movement

  • Two Crows Joy

  • Disasters of Atlantic Canada: stories of courage and chaos

  • Red Coat Brigade

  • Red Sky at Night: superstitions and wives' tales compiled

  • Where Evil Dwells

  • Newfoundland and Labrador Outstanding Outhouse Reader

  • Kiss the Cod!: superstitions, traditions, omens, and old wives' tales

  • Three Crows a Letter

  • Angels Here Among Us

  • Queen's County: a history in pictures (with Kathleen Stitt and Linda Rafuse)

  • Four Crows a Boy

  • My Nova Scotia Home: Nova Scotia's best writers riff on the place they call home

  • Nova Scotia Book of Lists

  • Five Crows Silver

  • Beaches of Lunenburg Queens

  • Ghost Stories of the Maritimes Volume II

  • Six Crows God (due in 2022)

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